Acu4YouTM enables Evidence - Based Scientific Therapy Procedures Precisely and Accurately


Traditional and Western Acupuncture Practitioners

Combinational Therapy Practitioners

Naturopathy and Physiotherapy Practitioners


Patient-Specific Treatment Planning

AI-based therapy recommendation

Precise Localization of Acupuncture Points

  • Acupuncture treatment Planning

  • Strategise Accurate Localization of Needling

  • 3D Patient Specific Realtime Navigation support

  • Cloud Based Electronic Health Record

  • Secured Healthcare Platform
  • Closed Loop Acupuncture Therapy guidance system

  • Standalone SMART Systematic Scientific device letting toward Percision and Personalized Medicine
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    Other Products

    Optical Intra-cranial Bypass Planning and Navigation Support Software

  • Non- Invasive Opto-acoustic Real-time Tracking System

  • Superimposition from and to state of the art Surgical System

  • Pre and Intra Operative Planning System
  • Mobile Cancer Care Unit

  • Specialized Research and Cancer Care Unit for Indian Populations

  • More Details will Followup.

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