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Who We Are

We are a team of clinicians, scientists, designers, MedTech Innovators and engineers from Germany and India joined hands with a motive to create and innovate, affordable healthcare solutions for the unmet clinical needs. We at Curneu MedTech Innovations, strive hard to bring better healthcare to the people who are beyond the reach globally.

About Us

Curneu MedTech Innovation is a health care technology firm based at Heidelberg, Germany. We work on a motive of building an affordable and innovative healthcare solutions that address the clinical needs thereby bringing better lives for the needy.

As our motto says, “Care beyond reach”, the goal of Curneu is to bring the world community smaller such a way each one of the world’s population receives better healthcare. Curneu focuses on delivering quality affordable healthcare technology to developing countries.

A strong team of experienced clinicians, world class scientific team and medical technologists, advisory members, research, and development team on an Indo-German initiative work alongside with global collaborators at Curneu MedTech Innovations.

Our Vision

We envision to address the complex clinical needs alongside to make healthcare technology reach everyone around the globe.

Our Mission

To outfit people with affordable as well as quality health care technology products.